Program Update

BIPOC Entrepreneurship through Acquisition

In early 2023, ICIC partnered with New Majority Capital as the outreach and selection partner for the pilot of the BIPOC Entrepreneurship through Acquisitions (bETA) program. bETA is a 10-week accelerator that helps participants understand the entrepreneurship through acquisitions (ETA) process, become investor-ready, and connect with the right resources to succeed. The program combines in-person and virtual weekly sessions to educate participants on acquiring and running an existing small business.

The inaugural cohort, based in Rhode Island, launched in March 2023 with 31 participants. The program’s second cohort was based in Atlanta, Georgia, and held in the Fall of 2023.

ICIC is at the forefront of reimagining the landscape for entrepreneurs seeking the essential knowledge required to acquire existing businesses. Through innovative initiatives like the BIPOC Entrepreneurship through Acquisitions (bETA) program, ICIC is breaking new ground in providing a comprehensive and accessible pathway for acquisitions. This forward-thinking approach not only democratizes access to entrepreneurship opportunities but also allows established business owners to continue impacting their local economy and generational wealth.

Alumni Spotlight

“Acquisitions is a whole new ball game. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 20 years, and it never occurred to me to acquire an already thriving business. So, it’s a real game-changer for me. Starting a business from scratch is exciting and positively challenging, but also extremely draining. This program taught me how to evaluate an existing business so I can get in there, bring my skills and talents, and grow it—which is a slightly lighter lift.”

Erica Nunnally

BIPOC Entrepreneurship through Acquisition Inaugural Cohort (2023)
Providence, Rhode Island

“This program gave me the confidence to go after a bigger business, something that is really cash flowing, that I wouldn’t have considered before because of lack of funds, experience, or just being afraid of taking that leap. Through this program, the training, and the network within the cohort, I have gained the confidence to aim higher.”

Sarah Rejouis

BIPOC Entrepreneurship through Acquisition Inaugural Cohort (2023)
Providence, Rhode Island

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