ICIC 2022
Impact Report

Stories of Impact

  • Taking Care of Business Together

    When I joined the Board of Directors of ICIC at its inception in 1994, I was inspired by its mission to drive economic inclusion through innovative research and programs to create jobs, income, and wealth for local residents in underserved and under-resourced communities. The need to drive our mission-related impact is just as great today as it was in 1994. Read More »

    Ronald A. Homer, Chairman

  • Open for Business and Building Resiliency

    Nearly 30 years ago, in the wake of the 1992 L.A. Uprising, Dr. Michael Porter founded ICIC as a laboratory for experimentation and innovation. By studying and better understanding the unique challenges faced by this country’s under-resourced urban communities, our explicit aim was to provide small businesses in these underserved ecosystems the resources they needed to grow, create well-paying jobs and improve the quality of life for communities and their residents. Read More »

    Steve Grossman, CEO